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3 Steps to Creating Your Affordable Web Site Design

Please Note:
Thrifty Websites is no longer accepting new web site designs.
However, we can recommend 1and1 (click on banner below) as a quick way to build your own web site and have it hosted at low prices. 1and1 have hosted my site for 5 years.


Home Page Statistics For Your Web Site

To view your home page visitor statistics simply click on the blue globe at the top of your home page. You are given a choice of data to view:

  1. Summary
  2. Unique Visitors (does not count returning to the home page after arriving - called reloads)
  3. Including, Excluding, Reloads
  4. Geo Tracking - origin of visitor by country
  5. System Tracking - information on visitor's computer
  6. Referrer Tracking 1 and 2 - see box below

Just click on the blue links to be taken to that particular set of data.

Now try this sample demonstration yourself..... click this link

Note - below is a snapshot and not live!

Example of site statistics

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