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Please Note:
Thrifty Websites is no longer accepting new web site designs.
However, we can recommend 1and1 (click on banner below) as a quick way to build your own web site and have it hosted at low prices. 1and1 have hosted my site for 5 years.


Terms of Agreement

Please read the following Terms of Agreement
(Agreement with these terms is required before your website can be created)

Thank you for considering giving your business to Thrifty Websites. I want to ensure that we are both clear about what we are each undertaking to do, so that our 'partnership' serves us both well. The following is intended to clarify things right from the start.

1. Once you have read and accepted these Terms of Agreement, please forward your paper layout sketches of your desired pages, graphics and electronic text as well as a non-refundable payment of 33% of the total cost of your order. When calculating your 33% do not forget to include all optional extras you require. Receipt of this payment will be acknowledged by email and will initiate Stage1 of this assignment.

Once your initial payment has been received Thrifty Websites will proceed without delay on Stage 1 of your assignment. Assuming that all your materials are received at this same time, Thrifty Websites will undertake to complete Stage 1 within one week. Once this Stage is complete we will advise you that you can now inspect your Web site on the Internet.

2. Thrifty Websites will reproduce your copy (text, graphics and layout) exactly as received so that your Web site will be identical to the copy you provide. Thrifty Websites will reproduce any drawings and photos (as is) at the size and position indicated by you on the relevant page of your layout sketch.

3. Web pages additional to the Home Page are charged at £30 (thirty pounds) per web page which includes three photos (a Web page may be 1 or 2 A4 sheets long).

4. The text of the pages must be sent electronically (by email or CD), allowing Thrifty Websites to copy and paste the text into your Web pages.

5. If only typewritten text is supplied, than an extra charge of £15 (fifteen pounds) per A4 page will be charged to cover conversion to electronic format. The typewritten copy must be clear and clean (i.e. no hand-written instructions or comments on the typewritten pages). No handwritten documents will be accepted by Thrifty Websites.

6. Drawings, logos and photos may be sent electronically (we prefer to receive photos in JPEG format). If this is not possible Thrifty Websites can scan the originals, as is, without modification. There is no extra charge for this service.

7. Communications between you and Thrifty Websites will be through email, fax and /or the postal service. This also applies to any future updates to your pages and the creation of new pages. This ensures accuracy of web page content.

8. When the Web site has been made you can inspect it via your own Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator) at a temporary web address we will notify you of. Thrifty Websites will freely undertake to make minor changes suggested by you, such as spelling errors and change of colour. Major changes (e.g. button changes, new text, photos or drawings) you wish to make will incur a charge between five pounds up to a maximum of twenty pounds per page. It is therefore to your benefit to ensure that the copy you have supplied to Thrifty Websites has been thoroughly checked beforehand for accuracy and desired layout of text, drawings, buttons, thumbnails and photos.

9. Once any changes to the viewing described in the paragraph above have been completed and approved by you, the final outstanding balance (including any additional charges incurred), will be forwarded by you to Thrifty Websites. On receipt of the balance Thrifty Websites will then register your domain name, place your Web site on a commercial server and install a visitor counter, search box (optional extra) and visitor statistics generator on your Home page, and confirm that these have been completed. We will also submit your website to the top search engines. Thrifty Websites will include, at the bottom of your Home page, a small caption stating "This site constructed by Thrifty Websites".

This concludes stage 2 of the assignment. (Please note that if the outstanding balance is not received, or other arrangements have not been made, the temporary URL used for inspection will be de-activated.)

10. If you need to make further small changes (e.g. dates, spelling errors, background colour, addresses), you can send us these changes by email and we will implement the changes free of charge for small alterations up to two pages. You need to do this within 6 months of commencement of your website.

If changes need to be made in more than two pages then small changes will carry a fee of £5 (five pounds) per page. Larger changes (e.g. repositioning or changing graphics) will be charged at £10 (ten pounds) to £20 (twenty pounds) per page. An addition of a totally new page (including three graphics) will cost £30 (thirty pounds).

11. Thrifty Websites do not provide the following web page content: audio, video, flash, CGI scripts, ecommerce (credit card transactions etc), frames, image maps, plugins, Java or animation.

12. It will be your responsibly to pay the renewable yearly fee of £40 (.uk domains) or £60 (all other domain names) for hosting, domain name renewal and site maintenance (first year free). To keep our hosting fee this low we need to register your domain name with Thrifty Websites. If you require your domain name registered with your name and address please contact us for terms and conditions.

13. If you want to take over the management of your Web site we will upload your site to its new address if you supply us with the address of the host, user ID, password and directory. After we have completed uploading your Web site you can change your password to maintain security. There is no charge for this service.

Thrifty Websites' services may not be used for sites containing or linking to sites that contain nudity or other pornographic material, illegal material, or other objectionable content.