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Please Note:
Thrifty Websites is no longer accepting new web site designs.
However, we can recommend 1and1 (click on banner below) as a quick way to build your own web site and have it hosted at low prices. 1and1 have hosted my site for 5 years.


Optional Extras for your cheap web design

Drop-down Menus

You can easily navigate to items on your page (or to other pages) using drop-down menus. Try out the drop-down menu on the right to navigate this page. If you prefer, the GO button can be omitted and you will automatically be taken to the item.
Cost: £20 ($34)


Customised Graphics

To keep our prices as low as possible we normally produce the graphics you supply us "as is".

However, if you require a different graphic effect, like the example opposite, we charge £10 ($17) per graphic. Apart from the oval image selection shown here you can also choose between circular, rectangular and square. The edge of the selection can be hard or feathered (as shown). The feathered edge blends into the page background colour (not to be used on enlarged photos).

Customised graphic - oval/feathered

Oval photo selection with feathered edges

Customised Forms

If you need a form for your customer to fill in and email to you we can build a form to your specification. This can include option boxes to select payment/delivery methods (Cheque/PayPal etc.). To see an example of a product order form click here.
Cost: £45 ($75). This works out at only £15 more than if your order form was a single typed page (single web pages cost £30) that the customer printed out, filled in and mailed to you.

Customised Order Form

'Clickable' Photos

Photos on your page can be clicked on and made to appear enlarged on a separate page - there is a charge of £10 ($17) per photo for this service. For an example click here

If your site is for a wedding/picture album please see reduced prices on our other web site www.onlinewedding album.org.uk

Example of clickable photos

Search Box

To enable visitors to your site to quickly find what they are looking for, you can incorporate a Search Box on your Home page. Visitors type in a keyword(s) and click on the word Search. Page summaries containing that word will then appear in a separate window for their inspection. After deciding which page to inspect they only need click on the link to go straight there. (You can try it out on Thrifty's Search Box at the bottom of the
Home page)
(Note: Due to weekly updating of data bases by the search engines, there will generally be a few days' delay before any new material you have included can be 'searched'.)
Cost: £20 ($34) for the 'one-off' charge of adding a Search Box. (as shown on home page)

Password Protected Pages

If you have a web page that you wish to be seen only by people you choose, you can have a Members-Only Area box inserted into a web page. After the person types in the correct password and presses login they are taken to the protected page. The simplest approach is to keep to one user name and password for all people. However, multiple users, passwords and destination pages are also possible. Try the demonstration on the right.
Username: Member
Password: memberx

Cost: £20 ($34) to set up for one user name (e.g. member) and password (which can be used by all people you send the password to). Additional names and passwords £5 ($17) each.

Members-Only Area!


A POP3 mailbox to receive email.

A one-off charge of £20 ($34).
You will need an email program like Eudora or Outlook Express to input the details of your POP3 mailbox so you can read the email it receives. Your POP3 mailbox address will be:
yourchoicename@your domain name
Your email account can also be accessed via any web browser anywhere in the world by going to: http://webmail.oneandone.co.uk

Note: Email forwarding to your existing email account using your choice of address, e.g. name@your domain name is part of the standard package and does not cost extra.


Website Page Updates

If you need to make small changes (e.g. dates, addresses, spelling, back ground colour), you can send us these changes by email and we will implement the changes free of charge for changes in a maximum of two pages. You need to do this within 6 months of commencement of your website.

* Any further small changes will carry a fee of £5 ($8) per page as will any small changes after the initial six-month period.
* Larger changes (e.g. repositioning or changing photos and drawings) will be charged between £10 ($17) to £20 ($34) per page.
* An addition of a totally new page including three photos/drawings will cost £30 ($50).

Web Page

Additional Graphics (photos/drawings)

Each website page is allowed three graphics (photos/drawings/logos).
For additional graphics:

a) £10 ($17) each if sent to us in digital form.
b) £15 ($25) each if scanning of original is required
We will scan and reproduce your photo as is.

Note: The more photos added to a page means the slower the page will load in a web browser.

Nature Graphic

Registering Domain Names other than .co.uk or .org.uk

If you want another ending to your domain name (that is, other than UK domains) this will cost extra:

Top Level Domain Names -
Cost: £20 ($34) extra for any one of these -

Your yearly fee to us will increase from £40 ($68) to £60 ($102) if you require a top level domain name (first year free).


Conversion of typed paper to electronic text

If you are unable to submit your text electronically by email or CD we can offer to scan and translate your original paper copy for you.
We will not accept handwritten copy
Cost: £15 ($25) per single A4 typed sheet.

Typed Text


Floopy Disk

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